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Series and Small Series

Welcome to our series and small series injection molding production


Discover tailor-made solutions for high-quality plastic components on a larger scale or in limited quantities. Our flexible manufacturing processes adapt to your individual requirements, be it for large series or small series.


Why you should choose us:


Flexibility: We offer adaptability for projects of any size.


Tailor-made solutions: Our experienced team adapts to your specific needs.


Quality in focus: State-of-the-art technology ensures the highest quality standards.


Short delivery times: Efficient processes and well-organized logistics ensure punctual deliveries.


Our services:


Development and construction: Expertise in the conception and construction of injection molds.


Material selection: Wide range of high quality plastic materials.


Precise injection molding: State-of-the-art machines for consistent production.


Quality control: Strict controls for every part manufactured.


Discover the advantages of our series and small series injection molding production and realize your next project with us. Contact us for more information!

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