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We solve problems with education, shape the future with solutions

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CNC turning

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mold making

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injection molding

Our solutions are fast, simple and customer-focused.

Discover our innovative spirit and our know-how in precision parts processing and injection molding technology.

Start an impressive, close, international and economic cooperation with us.

Kochmaier, a well-known and trusted brand in precision parts machining and plastic injection molding industry, with our strong and expert staff. We offer the most suitable and perfect solutions for the requirements of our 80% German customers.

All from a single source...



The beginning of every product is development.



Turned parts exactly according to your technical specifications.


mold making

The quality of the shape determines the quality of the part.


injection molding

Simply strong: modern injection molding made in Germany

Let's approach the industry world of Kochmaier

Every customer has specific requirements. With our well-founded and comprehensive industry know-how, makes us a particularly reliable business partner

About Us

Kochmaier supports its customers with technical and manufacturing innovations.

With unparalleled technology expertise in precision parts machining and injection molding, it is a proven supplier of high quality and complex parts as well as development and service partnerships for customers in the automotive, medical, defense and general industries. Existing references have experienced this.

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Endüstriyel Bina

Your idea – our support

As a development and service partner, we support our customers in design and material selection; together we ensure the most suitable solutions and efficiency through professional knowledge exchange.

We use the latest technology to produce machines and systems for our customers worldwide, with efficient, high-quality and robust processes in mass production.

Some of our references

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