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Growth, development, humanity, sensitivity

The four core values of growth, development, humanity and sensitivity are more than keywords for us. They define the heart of our company.

KOCHMAIER grow into an international group of companies to increase our international locations, the number of employees and the number of customers and thus become an independent company in our field as a market leader.



To ensure we are among the best of tomorrow, we are constantly improving and maintaining our financial independence, securing the future of our business and the applicable customer requirements. Only those who continuously improve can offer their customers the best solutions in the long term and will continue to be available in the future.



How are fair in dealing with customers, suppliers and employees. Our collegial and cooperative way of working distinguishes us. As a family business, long-term cooperation with our employees and business partners is very important to us.



In order to live up to our responsibility for current and future generations, environmental protection and occupational safety are an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

We are committed to the continuous improvement and economical use of existing resources, and thus contribute significantly to the prevention and reduction of environmental pollution.

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